Project Description
Web Services for Bukkit Minecraft servers.

This CodePlex project is the reincarnation of another Bukkit plugin "comX" which provided a socket API for communicating with Bukkit Minecraft servers.

This project will provide everything necessary to send commands remotely to a server running Bukkit.

Project Koala is broken up into several parts:

  • Koala Web Services. This part runs as a web application on a Microsoft IIS web server and acts as the front end for the Koala system.
  • Koala Database. This is where all commands are queued up and issued to the Koala Backend. It also provides data points for Koala Web Services (queries).
  • Bukkit Plugin. This is a java plugin for Bukkit server. It continuously polls the Database looking for commands to issue server side. It also loads the database with information for Koala Web Service queries.
  • Client. This can be written in any language as long as there is support for Web Services.


  • A Minecraft server running Bukkit (1.4.6 or newer)
  • A Windows computer running IIS
  • MySQL

More Information:

How Koala Communicates with Bukkit


Feature Packs:


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